Community Relations Committee elects leaders, plans future

Community Relations Committee elects leaders, plans future
(Source: WECT)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A new committee designed to improve relations between the city, county, and community designed plans and goals for the future Tuesday.

The New Hanover County/City of Wilmington Community Relations Advisory Committee held their second meeting.

There are about a dozen members, all representing different groups within the community.

The group is designed to advise leaders about issues in the community and possible solutions.

Ronald Sparks, the newly elected committee chair, said getting out into neighborhoods and finding out what the issues are is vital.

"Every community cluster has issues and we want to be a place where those issues can be brought forth," Sparks said. "We may need to act on some and others we may not. But be able to have a forum where folks feel comfortable to say 'hey I need to bring this before the human relations committee and see if we can talk this issue out.'"

The committee plans to hold another public meeting sometime over the next few weeks to design specific action plans.

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