Democratic candidate files election protest in Bladen County

Democratic candidate files election protest in Bladen County

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WECT) - A second elections protest has been filed with the Board of Elections in Bladen County. Kenneth Register, Jr., a candidate for County Commissioner in District 3, filed the protest Tuesday afternoon. Register lost the race to Ashley Trivette by 433 votes.

Register contends he "witnessed several software glitches as well as a memory stick being switched during early voting and Election Day". Register also alleges that "Undetermined amounts of absentee ballots were forged and submitted by certain individuals and others from the same or similar organizations". Register calls for a "re-vote" by all citizens in Bladen County.

One of the names listed as a witness in Register's protest is Horace Munn of Riegelwood. Munn is also listed in another election protest, filed by Republican McCrae Dowless, the Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor. Dowless alleged voter fraud on behalf of the Bladen County Improvement Association PAC. Munn is the president of that PAC. The State Board of Elections has taken jurisdiction of Dowless' complaint.

Cynthia Shaw, the Elections Director in Bladen County, said she is waiting for direction from the county board on whether to forward Register's protest on to the State Board of Elections for review.

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