Hit And Run Accident Ends In Death

Hit and Run Driver
Hit and Run Driver

MAY 20, 2005 -- Around 11:30 Thursday night Robert Sayyeau and his wife were trying to help their son fix his car. They were working on the side of Military Cuttoff Road. While they were working on the car a driver came through and hit Sayyeau.  He then took off in his car.

Robert Sayyeau was killed in the accident.

Two hours later the Timothy Neathery, 31, turned himself in to local authorities.  He made his first video appearance from jail Friday afternoon. His family was inside the courtroom.

Neathery works in management at PPD, a pharmaceutical company in Wilmington. He is charged with felony hit and run and DWI. Charges for the death of Sayyeau are pending.

Reported by Maggie Alexander