Inmate claims Southport officer used excessive force: 'I asked him to get off of me'

Inmate claims Southport officer used excessive force: 'I asked him to get off of me'
Patrick Broskey (Source: Broskey's family)
Officer Nathaniel Taylor (Source: Southport Rotary Club Facebook)
Officer Nathaniel Taylor (Source: Southport Rotary Club Facebook)

SOUTHPORT, NC (WECT) - An inmate in the Brunswick County jail claims he is the victim in an alleged excessive force incident involving Southport Police Officer Nathaniel Taylor. The State Bureau of Investigation is currently investigating Taylor and the incident.

In a phone interview from jail, Patrick Broskey, 24, said Taylor threw him on the concrete floor inside the jail. Broskey said he was held down for 20-30 seconds, as Officer Taylor pressed his knee into his sternum.

"I remember being thrown down on the ground and him getting on top of me and putting his knee in my chest," Broskey said. "I don't remember if I directly told him that I couldn't breathe but I asked him to get off of me."

Broskey was arrested the night of November 2. His charges include DWI, and possession of a controlled substance on jail premises. Arrest warrants show Taylor was Broskey's arresting officer.

Broskey said he was pulled over in front of the Bojangles in Southport, near Dosher Cut Off. Broskey said officers found a pair of scales, a bag believed to be used for marijuana and an open container of Miller Light. He said he was then taken to the Brunswick County Detention Center, where Officer Taylor searched him and found a bag containing one gram of marijuana in a front pocket of his jeans.

"It was only a gram of marijuana but I had it on jail premises because I didn't know it was in my pocket," Broskey said. "I didn't try to hide it or anything. I just didn't know I had it and it was in my pocket when I got here."

On November 3, Broskey said an SBI agent showed up at the jail to ask him about the incident.

"I don't know how this even come up," Broskey said. "I don't know how anybody found out because I didn't really tell me anybody. The SBI come to me and called me out to ask me questions. I honestly wasn't going to say anything about it."

It's still unclear how investigators found out about the alleged incident.

An SBI spokesperson said that on November 3, District Attorney Jon David requested the agency investigate the allegation made against Taylor. Neither the SBI nor David has provided any further details about the incident.

Officer Taylor is currently on administrative duty.

This is not the first time Taylor has been investigated by the SBI.

In August 2015, the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office asked the SBI look into an allegation of assault against Taylor, per SBI spokesperson Shannon O'Toole. That investigation was closed as the allegation could not be substantiated.

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