Bubba McCray - West Brunswick's Touchdown Machine

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - With more than 1,500 yards and 23 touchdowns this season, Bubba McCray has performed at an All-Area level and put himself on the map with college coaches. But when asked about his success, his thoughts, are quite simple.

"I just do what I gotta do man."

What Bubba does is run, fast, hard nosed, usually straight into the end zone.

McCray's season is a highlight reel -- a four-touchdown game against Ashley, nearly a mile's worth of rushing yards and a willingness to learn and be coached. He's one of the best athletes Kelly Williamson has ever been around.

"Bubba's motivation is internal. I don't have to push any buttons with Bubba," Williamson says. "I don't think I say much to Bubba except good run and hold on to the football."

Despite his prolific performances, McCray, in fact, enjoys another two-hour period of time even more than the games itself.

"Well, practice. Honestly, practice," McCray said, taking a brief break in between offensive drills to chat. "If we don't have fun during practice or have a good week of practice we're not going to perform right."

There's no doubt the coaching staff realizes how unique it is to have a player so coachable, talented, and one invested in the everyday grind of practice. The leadership is a big reason why they feel they can continue the run of success they have had this year.

"I'm very satisfied with where we are and what we've accomplished, but you know, our goal here is to win us a state championship," said Williamson. "It's a new season Friday night. Gotta win five games."

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