Dog and owner attacked by pit bull

Investigators say Buddy, and his owner Shirley Elliot survived a horrifying attack by a pit bull. Elliot cries as she explains, "I knew if I let go he would kill him. He could have killed me too because I was submissive just laying there on the ground crying."

Elliot was walking her beagle dog, Buddy along a road behind her home when a pit bull came up and attacked. The two were then pulled by the pit bull through a yard before neighbors heard the commotion.

Raymond Burchette lives near Elliot in Port 'O Pines, a housing development off Murrayville Road. He ran to help, but as he tried to pull the attacker away, he was bit. Burchette says, "I didn't have a weapon so I went at them with my bare hands."

This isn't the first time Animal Control officers have warned the owners of the pit bull about it running loose. Jean McNeil, Director of Animal Control says, "It's my understanding they've had problems with the dog running at large and they were in the process of moving out. They don't know how it got out, the owners weren't home."

Now the pit bull is being quarantined at New Hanover County Animal Control. The owners can have him back, but they must pay for the time at the shelter and a $500.00 fine.

Elliot believes that's too small a price for what she and Buddy went through. But she knows Buddy's a survivor.

Reported By Maggie Alexander