Wilmington Girl Rejects Transplanted Kidney

Abron and Debra Kelly before the kidney transplant
Abron and Debra Kelly before the kidney transplant

MAY 16, 2005 -- The nine-year-old Wilmington girl who received her mother's kidney is undergoing another surgery.

Abron Kelly's transplant was not a success and Monday she went back into the operating room.

Abron tells News 6 she just wants to be able to do what other kids can do and she had hoped the kidney transplant would make that wish come true. Sadly, her road to health is growing longer and more treacherous.

At Duke University Medical Center, doctors are removing the kidney that she received from her mother in a transplant just before Mother's Day.

Abron now has a website devoted to her case and a family friend has updated the family's condition.

"Abron was very brave and calm this morning and Don and Debra are hanging in there. They were both allowed to stay with her right up until she went into the operating room."

Debra is Abron's mom. She's recovering from her half of the transplant operation but now her heart is hurting.  She also wrote something for the website.

"As you know, this is not the course we charted but are hopeful that this new path will lead us where we need to be. Your words of compassion and concern warm our hearts. We remain strong in our faith and trust that God will lead us on, holding us in his gentle embrace."

If she regains her strength and another donor is found, Abron could undergo another transplant in a year or so.

You can send a message to Abron or her family and track her progress through this website:  www.caringbridge.org/nc/abronkelly

Reported by Jim Hanchett