A creepy find: what's inside?

A creepy find: what's inside?

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Pull out that bag of candy after trick-or-treating and get ready for a Halloween story Monday night that will have your jaw dropping and skin crawling.

Harry and Nancy Smith closed on a big beautiful historic home downtown two Halloweens ago. They bought it "as is" - meaning no inside tour before signing the paperwork.

When they cracked open the front door they found pieces of the ceiling missing, bright red carpet and an unusual number of chairs laid out in an unusual pattern.

The property on Seventh Street was in bad shape and needed top-to-bottom renovation.

Harry was prepared to strip it to the studs and knew most everything else needed to be fixed. He was not prepared for all of the "furniture" left behind or what to do with the last tenant's "tools."

The dusty filing cabinet inside also seemed out of place but when Harry checked its contents he realized the house may have been abandoned but was hardly unoccupied.

Casey Roman will show you the creepy contents Harry found inside Monday on WECT News at 11.

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