Pence tells crowd in Wilmington, 'Let's get to work'

Pence tells crowd in Wilmington, 'Let's get to work'

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - During his second campaign stop in southeastern North Carolina, Republican vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence told supporters there is a lot of work to do in the time left before Nov. 8.

"If you've got one of those red hats, just don't take it off for three weeks," Pence joked with supporters during a rally Tuesday in downtown Wilmington, referring to the "Make America Great" hats that running-mate Donald Trump has made famous during the presidential campaign.

For most of his address to the crowd at the Coastline Conference and Events Center, Pence was serious. He proclaimed the positives that a Trump-Pence administration would bring to the White House. He said they include strengthening America's military, which Pence said is it at its lowest levels in decades, negotiating trade deals that put America's interests first, and "restoring the highest standard of ethics of the highest office in the land and throughout the national government by making sure Hillary Clinton is never elected President of the United States of America".

Pence listed reasons why he believes Clinton, the Democratic nominee, should not be elected, starting with her well-publicized email scandal. Pence also questioned Clinton's judgment as Secretary of State, saying she "designed the foreign policy of the Obama Administration".

"This election really isn't about just two people, or two parties," Pence said to the crowd. "I want to say to you, from my heart, this election is about two futures. Let me be clear where I stand: I choose a more stronger America. I choose a prosperous America. I choose an America that upholds our best traditions in the Constitution of the United States of America, so I choose to stand with Donald Trump."

Most people in the ballroom were like Kyle Dorsay, a Trump supporter who agreed with much of what Pence had to say.

"I like what he is talking about," said Dorsay. "I think he is talking about the issues that really affect this country. They are not exactly the most social issues, but they are the foreign policy and fiscal issues that are probably the most important."

Also in attendance, undecided voter Marie-Ange Tribie, who grew up in Haiti and is now a United States citizen.

"I usually vote Democrat, and because of what Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton did in Haiti, I think it would be a disgrace for me to vote for them," said Tribie, referring to allegations that the former President and his wife benefited from raising money for victims of the 2010 earthquake. "I have not decided, but I am not voting (for) Hillary Clinton. I am going to listen to (Trump) more."

While not specifically bringing up the allegation raised by Trump that the elections are "rigged" against him, Pence did urge the supporters to take an active role in the election, and make sure the process runs fairly.

"I would say to each and every one of you," Pence said near the close of his address. "If you are here at a rally and you've not yet volunteered to participate in the electoral process by respectfully ensuring the integrity of the vote come election day, then you haven't yet done all you can do. So, go be involved."

The Indiana Governor toured the State Port during his first campaign visit on Aug. 24, before addressing a group of supporters at Manufacturing Methods LLC in Leland. Pence's running mate, Donald Trump, has also visited Wilmington during this campaign. Trump held a rally at Trask Coliseum on the UNCW campus weeks before Pence's visit. Trump also campaigned in Duplin County in September.

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