Rouzer: Unprecedented level of media bias against Trump

Rouzer: Unprecedented level of media bias against Trump

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Republican Congressman David Rouzer, who is finishing up his first term in the Seventh Congressional District, offered his thoughts on media coverage and recent controversies surrounding his party's nominee for President of the United States, Donald Trump, in an interview Monday.

Rouzer's opinion on media coverage of the election echoed Trump's, who often claims bias during campaign rallies.

"Well there is absolutely bias. And that's been the case for a long, long time. Really, the media has become an arm of the Democratic Party," Rouzer said. "However, I think it's been driven to a brand new level with this presidential campaign. And people are very distrustful of the media. And if you consider how the media has treated Donald Trump as it relates to Hillary Clinton, and comparing that to the coverage of Wikileaks and all the very, very damaging material that has been revealed, there's absolutely no question in voters' minds that there's a distinct bias. If it was evenhanded at all, Donald Trump would probably be up by ten points."

When asked if the 2005 audio recording that surfaced in early October capturing Trump bragging about taking sexual advantage of women made it difficult to endorse him, Rouzer said the bigger issue in this election revolves around the appointment of new Supreme Court Justices.

"Well here's the big picture, and this is the fundamental point of an election, is you are looking at the future. Not only the next generation but the next hundred years," Rouzer explained. "Comments, no matter how vulgar and repulsive they may be, which Donald Trump has apologized for, ten years ago or whenever they might have been, that is not going to ruin the country. Hillary Clinton and a very liberal Supreme Court will ruin the country."

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