Laney High School hosts Big Shots 100 Wilmington

Big Shot top 100

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Basketball players from across the state tried to make a name for themselves at Laney High School this weekend as the school hosted Big Shots Wilmington.

The event helps players build skills and get recruited on a national level. More than 100 players raging from the class of 2017 to 2022 battled on the court.

"With the middle school players, they are some that we are seeing for the first-time. The high School kids have played in the majority of our tournaments over the year. It's a chance to boost their recruitment," said Big Shots recruiting director Kevin Schneider.

This is the fourth year that Big Shots has held an event at Laney High School since Nathan Faulk took over the Buccaneers head coaching job.

"I enjoy watching all the kids come and work. and where they go and what colleges they attend and how their futures transpire," said Faulk.

Along with the talent showcase, Big Shots also hosts a tournament at Laney.

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