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My turn: Recovery efforts after Hurricane Matthew

Flooding in Lumberton. (Source: WRAL) Flooding in Lumberton. (Source: WRAL)

Our neighbors are hurting right now due to Hurricane Matthew. The storm is long gone but we might not know the full extent of its damage until next week.  Rivers continue to rise in many parts of our region endangering homes and businesses.  

The challenge will be to rebuild and recover. And it's going to take time and money. We have already seen examples of people stepping up to offer assistance.  

There will be other fundraisers and ways for you to help.  I encourage everyone to find a way to contribute that works for you. 

But you should also be vigilant.  Storms bring out the scam artists too.  Educate yourself about where your contribution is going before you commit.

But if you can find a way to help, please do. 

That's my turn.  Now it's your turn. To comment on this or segment or anything else, email me at

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Emailed comments from viewers:

Excellent coverage during "Matthew"
The national weather "discussion" earlier was " how do we try to predict that the dangerous conditions are not precise"
to prepare people, like it happened to so many who went INLAND to escape and were in harms way far worse than predicted or expected ?
OUR WECT WEATHER EXPERTS continually repeated the band effects , the wide likelihood of more rain INLAND and the prior flooding areas already being saturated Radar showing constantly the effects of this larger area ,, winds , rain amounts etc..
Personally I had reservations in Raleigh, changed that to Goldsboro, further away.
Was I influenced by the expertise of what our METEOROLOGISTS WERE reporting ?
I saw the reports enough to be informed of the possibility that INLAND was to be effected badly by the rains, flooding areas, weighed their information and made my own decision, as it was a toss up , unpredictable storm,, but INFORMATION WAS KEY they did not recommend people not TO evacuate INLAND or suggest OR advise other than being prepared for all as this storm was bad and everyone should be prepared for the worse, Anything was possible !
When the national weather people were questioning how they could be prepared in the future to be informed of the effects of INLAND disaster flooding etc... better... 
I thought ... 
Bottom line ,  had I not watched WECT, most likely we would have headed INLAND IT WAS BASED ON OUR LOCATION As well as info from reports.
I am thankful we were fortunate to be safe..
And with the most extreme winds and monsoon rains , we were sparred danger.
They had no 100% absolutes with their forecast, but excellent information reported by all...
  Thanks to all their exceptional reports !

Hats Off to all of your staff at WECT and the GREAT job they did keeping us all informed before, during and after the storm.
Wonderful, up to the minute coverage.  Much appreciated.
Please pass along the Thanks to All.

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