County School Bond Passes, CFCC Bond Does Not

MAY 10, 2005 --  Voters split the ballot Tuesday night on a decision about whether to spend millions of dollars on schools. New Hanover County voters rejected a bond issue for Cape Fear Community College, but they overwhelmingly approved a bond issue for public schools.

The results have both Cape Fear and New Hanover public schools planning for the future. The public school bond issue passed 61% to 39%. The Cape Fear bond issue results are almost the exact opposite, 60% to 39% opposing spending. The two bond issues are altogether worth one $150 million.

Voters approved the $123 million bond issue for the county schools.  The money will go toward building two new schools in the northern part of the county and renovating some of the county's older schools. Voters rejected the $27 million bond issue that would have gone toward constructing a new building at CFCC's downtown campus.

Reported by Samuel King