Deputy improving after car crash

Brunswick County Deputy Albert Hardison is rushed into the emergency room. Conscious, but badly hurt after a car accident on the job. His legs and midsection injured. Sheriff Ron Hewett explains, "The deputy was pinned in his vehicle, we worked to get him extricated."

It happened Monday night on Longwood Road, also known as Highway 904 near Shallotte.

Sheriff Ron Hewett says Debbie Lofton and Roy Worley of Little River, South Carolina were in the other vehicle in a near head on collision. "The gentleman from South Carolina apparently was driving while impaired and turned in front of the deputy and caused the accident.

Worley is still in the hospital and charged with D-W-I, failure to yield the right of way, and open container in the vehicle.  Lofton's injuries aren't life threatening.

Hewett visited Hardison at New Hanover Regional Medical Center and says the deputy is in high spirits. "He was laughing and he took his badge and put in on his chest and held it until I left him."

Hardison is a four year veteran at the sheriff's office. The 25-year-old is newly married with a child on the way.

The State Highway Patrol is investigating the accident. As for Deputy Hardison, his condition is improving quickly since his shift in a patrol car ended with a ride on a stretcher.

Reported By Maggie Alexander