Mothers Receive Special Treatment

Mothers Receive Special Treatment

MAY 8, 2005 -- It was a day for walks, lunch and art. Some just simply spent time with that special woman in their life. Today was a special day for mothers everywhere.

News 6 talked with some people around town about that special woman in their life.

"She wakes up with a smile, every morning and getting us all ready to go. Patience and going home and getting us all ready to go and coming home and taking care of us. I just can't just say enough about her. Truly supermom and gorgeous too," says Bill Owings, about his wife, Denise.

Some people chose to spend the day at the 3rd annual Airlie Arts Festival, and some lucky mothers were able to get a present. "We enjoy walking around looking at stuff and going to the kids tent," says Angela Coleman.

But for other moms, just the compliments they received on this day were enough. "She always has a smile on her face, ambitious, respectful, smart, loving and outgoing. And there's nothing better than to have in a mother," says Ashley Owings, about her mother, Denise. "She's always around when Jack and I need help and she makes great dinners."

"I think she should open a restaurant because she makes great dinners," says Spencer Wagner.

Reported by Samuel King