First at Four: September is Happy Cat Month

First at Four: September is Happy Cat Month

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - September is Happy Cat Month.

The best way to keep your feline companions happy is to keep them healthy.

Dr. Laurie Parish with Atlantic Animal Hospital talked about the importance of regular check ups on WECT News First at Four.

She said there are five items that help a cat stay healthy:

  1. Food: Predictable meal times and individual food bowls for each cat.
  2. Water: Clean fresh water in a location that appeals to your cat.
  3. Toilet: A convenient clean private litter box serves for a kitty toilet. As a general rule of thumb, you should have one for each cat, plus one. Many cats prefer the litter box to be one and a half times the length of their body and at least one and a half inches deep.
  4. Safe Place to Sleep: Soft bedding, as well as familiar smells and sounds supply security.
  5. Familiar Territory: Face rubbing and scratching surfaces mark the territory with a personal touch. Be sure to have plenty of scratching posts.

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