Wilmington’s busiest intersections could see big changes in future

Wilmington’s busiest intersections could see big changes in future

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The busiest intersections in Wilmington could look a lot different in the next 10 years.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation gave a presentation to Wilmington's City Council during Monday morning's agenda brief outlining potential changes to the city's most congested intersections. Those changes are in hopes of improving traffic congestion and flow.

The intersections include College Road and Oleander Drive; College Road and Martin Luther King Jr.; Martin Luther King Jr. and Market Street; Eastwood Road and Military Cutoff Road; and Martin Luther King Jr. and Kerr Avenue. According to data provided by the NCDOT, each one can see between 40,000 and 66,000 cars in a 13-hour period.

The agency rated College Road and Oleander Drive as the most congested intersection in the city.

The DOT is looking at a number of alternatives, that range from grade-separated interchanges, that would create an overpass, to at-grade options.

Officials said they look at turning movements, how businesses will operate, and a number of other things when evaluating which option will be best for each intersection.

Plans are in very early stages, but construction on the first intersection, Eastwood Road and Military Cutoff Road, should begin in 2019. An animation showed Military Road being raised as an overpass over Military Cutoff.

The last intersection that will be worked on is College Road and Oleander Drive. That construction is slated to start in 2023. Officials said because it's considered the busiest intersection, it will take the most time to find a solution.

Council members have to decide at which locations they would consider supporting grade-separation and if they want to contribute money to add aesthetic and landscaping to those grade-separated interchanges.

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