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My turn: Hopeful for quality presidential candidates

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The lesser of two evils.  That’s a phrase that gets tossed around when discussing two difficult choices…neither of which are going to make you happy.  Sadly, I’m hearing that phrase a lot when people talk about this year’s presidential election.

Now, I know there are people out there who strongly support their candidate. They feel their person has good ideas and will make positive contributions. But for so many others, it just doesn’t feel that way.  

Poll after poll shows the two leading contenders for president are the least liked presidential candidates in modern history. That means no matter who wins – the majority of the country is going to be unhappy from day one.   

Imagine if in the next election we had quality candidates. Two candidates with such good ideas that it was actually difficult to choose because they both had wonderful plans and solutions. 

I’m hoping this year is just an anomaly. A bad footnote in our history. I know it’s hard to see the light at the end of this tunnel. But I’m hopeful there are some quality leaders out there that just might be willing to lead us out of these mudslinging battles and help put our election process back in a positive direction.

A guy can dream, can’t he?   

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Emailed comment from viewers:

I used to teach a speech class at a local high school.  One of the things that we talked about extensively is that people in this country have lost the art of having a political debate and/or argument without getting their feelings hurt.  The political atmosphere today is no less incendiary than it was in the 18th century.  We just live in an age where information and technology allows us to have more at our fingertips and an easier forum for debate.

What we need to do is teach US History better in our schools, without inserting ridiculous accusations of our Founding Fathers, and allow children to grow in an environment where robust debate is not only allowed, but welcomed and celebrated.  Once we develop the art of debate without taking everything personally, you will see a better political climate.  We owe the next generation the courtesy of teaching our history.

I agree that both Hillary and Trump are just absolutely awful in their own right. Though there is Gary Johnson. If you endorsed him you would be joining a fast growing rank of News Agencies doing the very same thing. Don't take my word for it just look here:

New Hampshire Union Leader
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Winston-Salem Journal
The Caledonian-Record

All backing him because both Johnson and Weld are two former Republican Governors in heavy Blue States. These guys are honestly the middle of the road our Country needs to get the polarization of the two parties to come to an agreement. We have to end the duopoly in this country that has strangled us to this point. We won't do that continuing to cover just Trump and Clinton. 


We know that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt politician. But Donald Trump Is a businessman I say give him chance I think he will try to fix out country. We keep picking people who are professional politician. Enough is enough why not wait before you say why we can't do better? Thanks for your opinion, I just say give Mr Trump a chance he does not need this job.


Sounds like you are someone who put Obama in as President.  Trump is going to help us take our country back. You need to take a real look at the mess our country is in. We sure can't have any more of Liars Bill and Hillary 


Let's just hope this "footnote to history" does not become the last footnote in our country's history . . . that we survive long enough to get another chance to choose between those two qualified candidates you are dreaming about!


Thank you again for your common sense approach to this embarrassing spectacle of a presidential election.  We can only hope and pray that whomever "wins" in November will not further make US the laughing stock of the free world.  At this time in human history we need a true leader not a showman or a egotistical pretender.  We can and should have better candidates for this high office than our current "lesser of two evils" and hopefully not wind up with the evil of two lessers.

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