North Brunswick prepares for rivalry matchup

North Brunswick prepares for rivalry matchup

LELAND, NC (WECT) - North Brunswick head coach Larry Brock knows all about his upcoming opponent and rival, South Brunswick.

Brock played for the Cougars before a college career at Appalachian State. Now, days before they meet on the field, he's well accustomed to his home sideline.

"You spend four years somewhere, and a big part of those four years of me being here was what guided my life," Brock said of South Brunswick. "Playing football there and being coached by good people and having some great teachers, it set me up for what I did the rest of my life and kind of why I'm doing this now. I've got a lot of respect, but when the whistle blows, it's time to play ball."

Brock's passion for App State hasn't wavered since he left Boone - he still keeps track of most every game, including the Mountaineers near upset of Tennessee this past week. He referenced the dynamic that is seen all throughout college football - one that will play out in this week's NC State - ECU game, and other contests between Power 5 and non Power 5 schools - players playing with chips on their shoulder against the big name programs.

"We always played scared I think (at App). And that kind of helped us. Every play was magnified, cause you weren't good enough supposedly to play at one of those schools, so you found a gear inside of yourself that wanted to say, 'hey we are good enough.' Just because we may not be 6'6'', 330 pounds, some of those guys, big time players play at those schools. I think that you're seeing it. Just because they're not big and pretty and not playing in the SEC, doesn't mean they can't play football."

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