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Customers Concerned About Found Finger

Clarence Stowers Clarence Stowers

MAY 2, 2005 -- Kohl's on South College Road is open, and with the health department's okay, custard machines are still churning.

"I've eaten here so many times in the past and have never had a problem," says Andrew Niekin, a customer. Twenty four hours earlier, Clarence Stowers did have a problem.

He says he found a fingertip in his chocolate custard.

"I put it in my mouth and I have this taste in my mouth that I can't get out," said Stowers.

Stowers says he will never eat at Kohl's again. The discovery is giving even loyal customers pause.

"It could happen at Burger King. It could happen at McDonald's or any place. I would definitely think twice about coming back here if they weren't more safe about it," says Chris Hines, a customer.

Restaurant owner Craig Thomas fears the incident could hurt his business. But as long as loyal customers keep coming back, the custard machines will keep churning.

Reported by Samuel King

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