Mayor on officer 911 call: 'Ridiculous' and waste of police resources

Mayor on officer 911 call: 'Ridiculous' and waste of police resources
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WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Mayor Bill Saffo responded Friday night to a WECT News investigation.

We first reported Thursday that a Wilmington Police officer called 911 from inside his truck and admitted he had too much to drink.

When he made the call, Officer Christian McCarty was pulled over with his hazards on near some office buildings on Military Cutoff Road.

WECT INVESTIGATES: WPD officer 'had a little bit too much to drink,' calls 911 from inside his truck

We asked Mayor Saffo for his response to the officer calling 911 in this case.

"That's absolutely ridiculous," he said. "When you hear something like that it upsets you because we have a lot of good men and women on the WPD that are servicing 179,000 calls for service a year doing a pretty great job and then to have this one incident which for lack of a better word is a boneheaded decision, it's unfortunate."

The incident happened in the early morning hours of July 5, an evening notorious for impaired driving accidents and one that often taxes police resources.

We asked Mayor Saffo if it was a waste of resources.

"I think it was," Saffo responded. "That's the unfortunate part because when there are people in need, especially our citizens, we want them to be responding to calls for service for people that are in need, not someone needs a ride home because they were drinking."

District Attorney Ben David echoed those comments.

"No one is above the law, especially those of us who are tasked with enforcing it," he said. "We will prosecute any criminal violations that can be proven in a courtroom"

Wilmington Police spokesperson Linda Rawley told us, however, that the "investigation is over" and "it's been handled." When we asked her to elaborate on how it was handled, she refused to provide further detail. Employment records for McCarty show no disciplinary action has been taken against him. Personnel records don't show a pay cut, suspension, transfer or demotion for McCarty.

McCarty is still on the job.

We asked if there is dash cam video of the incident. At first, Rawley said there was a "glitch" and the camera wasn't working in the car of the supervisor who was sent to the scene.

She later emailed and clarified, "Just checked and the car Schwartz was driving was a car that doesn't have a camera. It's a supervisor's car and is not equipped with a camera."

Rawley refused an on camera interview about the incident.

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