Missing Teens Found Alive Off Coast

Missing Teens Found Alive Off Coast
Josh Long and Troy Driscoll
Josh Long and Troy Driscoll

MAY 1, 2005 -- After six days of being lost at sea, 17-year-old Josh Long and 15-year-old Troy Driscoll were found six miles off the coast of Caswell Beach in Brunswick County.

The two South Carolina teens had gone on a fishing trip and never came back.

Teams searched for days along the South Carolina coast.

Late in the week, the Coast Guard in Charleston turned their mission from rescue to recovery.

"They were prepping us for the bodies to come up. They said seven to ten days and the bodies would come up," says Eddie Long, Josh's father.

Meanwhile, Josh and Troy clung to their boat, surviving without food, sipping on sea water.

They would jump into the water during the day to cool off and used a wetsuit to keep warm at night.

The ordeal tested their endurance, but never their faith. Then the miracle occured.

"They were found by the fishing vessel Renegade. They were found in good condition with just minor sunburn and only a few abrasions," says Commander June Ryan, U.S. Coast Guard.

They were rushed to Dosher Memorial Hospital in Southport, and a caravan of their friends and family rushed to see them.

"They're waiting for him to come home so we can just have a big homecoming party. It's like he was born again, both them boys, it's like Christ wanted to have them reborn," says Tony Driscoll, Troy's father.

The boys are now back home in Charleston and are expected to make a full recovery.

Reported by Samuel King