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My turn: What's that sign say?

(Source: WECT) (Source: WECT)
(Source: WECT) (Source: WECT)

Today’s segment calls for viewer participation. I want to do a little experiment, and you’ll need to pay attention if you’d like to participate.  

Pretend you are driving your car. Now, take a look at this or the pictures above and see if you can figure it out.

I hope it wasn’t just me struggling to understand what they were trying to communicate.  

The answer is Village Road Closure, Fri 9PM, Mon 6AM, 8/26/16.  

For those of you who got it, congratulations!  It looked kinda like a Wheel of Fortune Puzzle to me.  But it really isn’t a game if you need to know the information.  

With all the money that’s being spent on the causeway project just west of downtown, you’d think they could do better. I sure hope they do a better job at building roads and bridges than they do communicating with drivers.

That’s my turn.  Now it’s your turn.  To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at    

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Emailed comments from viewers:

Just a note to say I agree with you it was strange to see a sign that was illegible.  It does make one wonder who is looking out for our safety and spending money on signs that are not readable?

I am also puzzled every time I come back over the Cape Fear Bridge at night to pitch black roads.  It seems no one knows how to change a lightbulb in that part of New Hanover and Brunswick Co.  With all of the construction and lane shifts you can barely see where your lane is at night.  Street lights with working bulbs would be helpful and may prevent accidents.  Additionally a little fresh paint on the lanes would be great.  Basic safety is being ignored whilst millions are being spent on the two bridges in Brunswick Co.   D
on't even get me started about the lowest bridge not being built higher (again no consideration about sea level rise in the not too distant future).  Oh well, guess bridge construction will be needed again in the next decade.  That's my opinion.


I share your frustration over work area signage that is hard to read.  Kind of ambiguous.

Ironically I had just been listening to Eric Davis give some helpful advice on what to do if you are caught in a rip current.  He gave the usual advice to swim parallel to the shore.  He added “about the length of one beach house.”  I asked my wife whether that would be a Wrightsville Beach beach house or Carolina Beach or perhaps a Surf City beach house.  ;)

Either way good advice and a helpful reminder.


We have seen your report about the message sign indicating the road closure for construction work on the Causeway project.  I am with S.T. Wooten Corporation and we have the contract with the NCDOT to construct this project.  First of all it is very sad that this is all that you can find to do a report on and because of news reporters like you that the public has a negative perspective on our industry.  Secondly if you would like to see what it is like in the real working world we would be glad to let you come out for a week and put a hard hat and safety vest on working adjacent to live traffic, environmental elements, along with long hours and weekends to help build the roads that everyone wants to complain about.  Also you have another option if you prefer which is don’t driver on the roads at all.


Ah ha.! Luckily sitting at that stand-still, we had plenty of time to figure out this puzzle... 


I loved your challenge to read the NCDOT signs approaching the causeway construction!  I would venture to say that most drivers cannot even read or understand the "No U-turn" signs on Carolina Beach Road at the entrance to the Monkey Junction Post Office (both northbound and southbound), so I have no idea how they would be able to understand these signs.  I have long been frustrated at the number of U-turns I witness at this intersection, which is already dangerous to begin with, thus the signs.  Drivers anymore pick and choose which signs to obey.  It's no wonder we have the high percentage of accidents that we do.

I have been rear-ended three times in the past four years on College Rd.


All this road work going on and new projects being started why don't they finish the ones already started. I drive from Shallotte to Wilmington and would to know why they haven't finished the road that ends on 1 40. I have watched this project be on hold for years do you know how time would be saved for people traveling south from Raleigh and for people like me . it would cut down on a lot of traffic no only that but another way in and out of Wilmington 

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