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My Turn: Ryan Lochte should have owned up to his mistake

Ryan Lochte (Source: AP) Ryan Lochte (Source: AP)

Ryan Lochte took home a gold medal in this year’s Summer Olympics. But hopefully, he took home a much more valuable life lesson as a result of his bad behavior and how he handled the aftermath.

There are so many things wrong with what he did. And furthermore, there were several people hurt by his actions. But I’d like to concentrate on one part of this multifaceted story.

He would have had a much better chance to save face had he simply admitted to screwing up, apologizing for it…and then keeping his mouth shut. His initial attempts at cover-up and subsequent attempts at explanation have only caused more negative attention to be focused on him, while at the same time, taking away the shining moments for the other athletes and the people of Brazil.

All he had to do was look to his own teammate as an example. Michael Phelps has been arrested twice. Phelps owned up to his mistakes and paid the price, including a couple of suspensions. But he quietly persevered and was able to get back on top.

You may have heard me mention this before, but the “Law of Holes” was in play in this situation. And Ryan Lochte can serve as a reminder to us all to obey that law…when you find yourself in a hole, quit digging.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I just want to say that was an excellent commentary about taking ownership for your mistake/s. Thank you!!!


Ryan Lochte created an international incident, embarrassed his country and himself by creating an elaborate lie to cover-up typical drunken behavior. Like so many American amateur and professional athletes he is self centered, self absorbed and disrespectful. He acted like a jerk in Las Vegas a few years ago with Prince Harry and he's no-one the wiser. He's a knucklehead who has no business being let out alone without a leash. 


I agree with your comments regarding Ryan Lochte, especially the part about trying to cover it up.  I'm betting that Hillary Clinton was his role model!

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