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Woman Sheds Insight On Domestic Violence

APRIL 29, 2005 -- Pamela Lewis initially called 911, reporting her husband held a gun to her head. Now she's angry that he was shot during the ensuing standoff.

What goes through a person's head and heart in a situation like that?

Here's a story that may offer some insight. New Hanover County Board of Elections worker Gladys Bryant was killed in September 2002. Her ex-husband, David Bryant has been charged with the murder and was just recently ruled fit to stand trial. Gladys Bryant had received a domestic violence protection order a year before the murder. Her sister Mary Brown feels that trust was a key issue. "Most people when they were married, they learn to trust to each other. But once they're married for awhile, you really don't think things of that magnitude might happen," says Brown. David Bryant's trial could begin as early as this June.

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