Democratic leaders voice opposition to Trump amid rally

Democratic leaders voice opposition to Trump amid rally

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Several Democratic leaders used Donald Trump's rally in Wilmington Tuesday as a chance to voice their opposition to the Republican candidate, and also give their support for his Democratic counterpart, Hillary Clinton.

Rep. Susi Hamilton, North Carolina Senate candidate Andrew Barnhill, and Wilmington County Commissioner candidate Julia Boseman held the conference outside of the packed Trask Coliseum.

"There's been a lot of 'Trump'd up' excitement [about Trump coming to Wilmington], but we represent a group of constituents who are very much in opposition to Mr. Trump's attitude toward women toward minorities, and toward the disabled community," Hamilton said.

Hamilton referenced North Carolina's ties to the military, and mentioned Trump's recent comments toward the Khan family, which spurred a flurry of news reports.

"We resent that his attitude toward our Veterans and toward the families of those who have been lost representing and fighting for our freedom," Hamilton stated.

Barnhill added they wanted to bring awareness to a contrast between Clinton and Trump's economic goals.

"Hillary Clinton's economic plan could add potentially up to 300,000 new jobs within the next several years to North Carolina," Barnhill explained. "We want to show the contrast on display here today between the economic message that works, that brings us stronger together in North Carolina, and Donald Trump's economic message that would lose up to 100,000 jobs here in North Carolina alone, and an economic message that ultimately divides us here in southeastern North Carolina.

Boseman said she didn't feel Trump had the ability to be president.

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