Protests in the works for Trump's visit to UNCW

Protests in the works for Trump's visit to UNCW

WILMINGTON (UNCW) - Along with the thousands of Donald Trump supporters that will be inside UNCW's Trask Coliseum Tuesday, several groups plan to be outside, protesting his visit.

Organizations including Cape Fear Progressives, Black Lives Matter, and Cape Fear Equality have said they will be participating in the protest. Hundreds have been invited through Facebook events.

"People have been very responsive," said Benjamin Baker, who has been organizing the protest. "They have come together very quickly. A lot of this is being done over social media as is the case these days. As a matter of fact we are just now getting to giving each other our phone numbers and we're hoping that tonight we can lock it down and come up with some basic guidelines."

Carter Jewell also helped organize the Trump protest. She met with participating groups Monday night to come up with a cohesive, peaceful message.

"You know we're going to have people here that want to stand in silence," Jewell said. "We'll have people that might want to say things that other people find offensive, we'll have people of all different backgrounds and we are coming together tonight so that we can try to say alright these are great ideas, let's form one united group."

The following statement was sent by Baker through an email Monday evening:

"We are assigning persons to monitor our own crowd and ensure that all people participating comport themselves in a manner that is not only legal, but representative of the message that we are all trying to send: that hate is not welcome in our city, factious rhetoric and fear will not divide us, and we will prove to the community, to Donald Trump, and to the country, that we are stronger together. That the things that unite us will always be far greater than those things that divide us.

A spokeswoman for UNCW said there will be a designated area on campus for protesters, but that has not yet been determined.

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