American Idol Fever Hits Laney High School

APRIL 27, 2005 -- There's the talent, the fans and even a Ryan Seacrest at a local competition inspired by the hit reality talent show "American Idol."

Some Laney High School students have their own rendition of the show called "Buccaneer Idol," and it's complete with judges Randy, Paula, and of course Simon.

The student council decided the show was such a hit, they wanted to use it's popularity to raise money for a scholarship that will go to a senior at graduation.

"It's a way to get excited about the end of the year and raise money for our school," says Laura Gates, the Senior Class President.

For one student, it's also practice. Keri Lucas has plans to compete for the real American Idol.

"Actually, I'm going to one of the auditions this summer, so we'll see what happens," says Lucas.

Wednesday night it was the "Buccaneer Idol" title they're after and who knows, the next Fantasia or Clay Aiken could be standing on that stage.

Reported by Darcy Douglass