Bomb Threat Assembly Interrupted by Bomb Threat

Students evacuate Ashley High School after a bomb threat
Students evacuate Ashley High School after a bomb threat

APRIL 27, 2005 -- It was another in a seemingly endless string of bomb threats that are disrupting local schools and distracting firefighters and investigators.

This threat couldn't have come at a worse time.

As District Attorney Ben David talks with News 6 just before speaking to the students, sirens scream.

"I believe we may have another bomb threat," David said.

The Minnie Evans Art Center is evacuated. David was preparing to warn Ashley High students about the consequences of making threats.

As the students file out after yet another bomb threat, David said this highlights exactly why he is here.

"We have to treat every threat like it's real," David said. "We're not going to second guess having to evacuate a school or bring the full law to bear on a defendant, who is engaging in this activity, because it has real consequences. There's no such thing as a fake threat in school."

Ashley High Assistant Principal Dennis Fleck said this is the fifth bomb threat since mid-March.

"It's frustrating," Fleck said. "We're having to adjust schedules. Today, we're going to miss second period so we're going to have to catch up with the time for rest of week. We had 20-minute lunch periods for two weeks so we could catch up on time for the last ones."

The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office said ten people have been arrested for making bomb threats. It's a felony, punished with up to 30 months behind bars.

"I want them to know if they're already anxious to be treated like adults, I've got great news for them," David said. "They will be if they come down to the courthouse. If they are 16 and over, they're automatically an adult."

There is an arrest in a bomb threat made Tuesday at Myrtle Grove Middle School. Detectives said they arrested a juvenile. Therefore, no details about name and age are available.

Investigators are offering a $500 reward for information that leads to an arrest in any bomb threat case.

Reported by Sara Straeten