Rouzer back from Israel and firmly backing Trump

Rouzer back from Israel and firmly backing Trump

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Congressman David Rouzer recently returned from a trip to Israel, where he saw first-hand the threats that country faces from all sides. When asked about whether he still supports his party's nominee for President of the United States, Rouzer believes the threat to this country is too important to support anyone else.

"It's a binary choice," Rouzer said. "If you are not voting for Donald Trump, it means you are basically voting for Hillary Clinton. When you look at the (United States) Supreme Court, should Hillary Clinton win the presidency, there is no doubt about the nature of the nominee that she will submit to the United States Senate for confirmation. Those nominees are going to be very liberal.  That will change the trajectory of this country for generations to come."

Trump has been squabbling with many leaders inside the GOP for his criticism of Khizr and Ghazala Khan, the parents of fallen Army Capt. Humayun Khan, after they appeared at the Democratic National Convention. Many Republicans, including Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina, sharply criticized Trump's choice of words in the public feud with the Khans. Trump also hesitated to say he would support Sen. John McCain or House Speaker Paul Ryan in their primary campaigns as they seek re-election.

"Stupid comments won't ruin the country, stupid policies will," Rouzer said. "So I look at it from a big picture perspective. I think Mr. Trump, and I think his folks know, needs to his message and not take the bait of the opposition which he seems to be inclined to do. Sticking to his message of 'Making America Great Again' and pointing out the dismal state of affairs of the country and why we are where we are. Long term, one hundred years from now, people will not remember necessarily what's said in this presidential campaign. But they will remember, and they will be feeling the effects of a very liberal supreme court if in fact Hillary Clinton is elected president."

Rouzer spent a week in Israel with three Republican Senators, Thom Tillis of North Carolina, David Vitter of Louisiana and Steve Daines of Montana. They talked about security measures with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other leaders, and ventured to the country's borders with Lebanon and Syria. Rouzer said it gave him a new perspective of how important it is for the United States and Israel to work together to ensure the safety of the country and the region.

"I think the American people realize we need to stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel," Rouzer said. "But until you go there and actually see it for yourself, I don't think you can have the appreciation for the threat that Israel faces on a daily basis from all sides. I don't think you have a sense of the proximity of that threat until you actually go there and literally see just beyond the border and see the threat staring you in the face."

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