Activists raise their voice in HB2 event

Activists raise their voice in HB2 event

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Activists were in downtown Wilmington Sunday, raising their voices against HB2.

The singing event took place at the Brooklyn Arts Center at St. Andrews in downtown Wilmington.

Event organizers say they need you to attend, speak, cheer, protest, and spread the word. They say the time is now, while this issue is front and center.

This is the third Stand against HB2 concert to take place in North Carolina. The series benefits Equality NC to fight the statewide bathroom bill.

More than 20 bands and musicians were featured in the show, and organizer Mike Allen said he will continue throwing the concerts until the law is repealed.

"I've had such an outpouring of help and offers of help from musicians that it hasn't really been hard. But I'm just going to continue doing this until this law goes away," Allen said.

Two more shows are scheduled before a series finale Nov. 6, just two days before the election.

"I'm just not happy. And this is a way to instead of screaming and ranting on Facebook or Twitter, to really make a positive statement using music, and raise money at the same time," Allen added.

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