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Pender Correctional unbolts windows in effort to cool dorms with no A/C

Pender Correction Institution (Source: WECT) Pender Correction Institution (Source: WECT)

A slight change at the Pender Correctional Institution could mean cooler air for both inmates and guards alike: windows that were previously bolted shut have been unbolted.

We first looked into conditions at the prison after receiving a call from inmate, who said it was so hot, many inmates couldn’t sleep at night.

Superintendent Bryan Wells confirmed with the exception of one dorm for 130 inmates with medical issues, there is no A/C at the prison. He explained temperatures would reach approximately 90 degrees in the dorms during the heat of the day.

Wells said he believed some of the windows in the facility were bolted years ago, after an inmate who walked into an open window sued the prison.

Inmates at the prison felt the combination of the extreme heat and the bolted windows deprived them of fresh air for relief from the heat.

Pender Correctional does have a ventilation system to circulate air, but Wells said if it’s hot, the air being circulated around the prison is hot, too.

Keith Acree, spokesperson for the Department of Public Safety, said windows in the non-air-conditioned dorms have been unbolted so additional windows can be opened at night, allowing ventilation fans to draw more cool air flow through the buildings.

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