Nice attack all too familiar for one Columbus County man

Nice attack all too familiar for one Columbus County man

WHITEVILLE, NC (WECT) - In the wake of the terrorist attack in Nice, one native of France thought about his family after another attack in his country.

Guillaume Slama owns the French restaurant The Chef and the Frog in Whiteville. For him, it's the third time he's been in shock.

First last November, there was Paris. "When the bombing in Paris happened earlier I was really concerned about my brother and my brother in law. My brother in law actually went to the soccer game where the bomb exploded," said Slama.

Then there was attack in Brussels, where his sister lives. "She works in the building where the metro station is that was bombed, and I knew she might have been killed if she had been there," Slama said.

Thankfully, neither of them were hurt. Thursday night, when a terrorist drove a truck through a crowd in Nice on Bastille Day, Slama's heart sank. "And at first you're very scared. You're like who was hit, was it my family, was it my there a victim that I knew there?" Slama added.

No one he knew was there, but it's a feeling that's all too familiar for him. He's a long way from home, but says his new community feels like family. "Through these events this community has been so supportive in their own ways,"Slama stated.

Through their support, Slama finds strength in embracing life and not running away. "Don't start living in fear, if you start doing that then they have definitely won and you don't want them to win like that," Slama said.

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