Taylor Swift tunes vault local pool player to junior title

Taylor Swift tunes vault local pool player to junior title

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - With every round, the nerves began to build.

Years younger than his competitors, Austin Le reached the quarterfinals of the American Poolplayers Association Junior Nationals. Then the semis. Then, somehow the finals.

Feeling the pressure, and not sure if he could win one more round, he then heard Taylor Swift over the speakers.

"I was very nervous the first three games…then I just listened to Taylor Swift, and shot better."

That simple. Minutes later, Le was the champion.

Austin Le makes winning look casual. He only began playing pool seriously a year and a half ago.

"It's like, the biggest championship," Le described. "I thought it'd take me a few years to come home with the trophy. To have it the first year is pretty cool."

Le beat competitors up to three years older than him. A rising sophomore at Laney, it's not unusual for him and his friends to spend twelve hours a day practicing. And they love it.

"We started playing about the same time," said his friend, Jamison Hart. "He's gotten good, we practice all the time together; it's just what we do all the time now."

Maybe he's become this good so quickly, because there are no distractions

"I don't have Facebook, which is good," Le said. "I actually don't use almost any social media. I just come up here, I play pool, and if I need to text somebody, I do. I mostly come play pool with my friend.

In his friends mind, the talent, is there.

"Pro. He could, if he just sticks with it and stay focused, pro," said Hart.

But for now, it's just on to the next tournament, with much more confidence in hand.

"I didn't know I could shoot that good, until I actually got on the table, with all the pressie and actually started shooting good," reserved, but a tad incredulous that he just won a championship. "I didn't know I could shoot like that."

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