Hammerheads drop first game since May 21

Hammerheads drop first game since May 21

From Wilmington Hammerheads

Harrison, NJ – The Wilmington Hammerheads faced the NY Red Bulls II for the second time this season, playing at the Red Bulls Arena in New Jersey, Sunday afternoon. The team's first encounter this season was at Legion Stadium on April 22nd; where the Red Bulls II left with a 1-0 win.

The Hammerheads continue to make an impact this season, sitting in ninth place and winning the title for best USL team in the Open Cup games.

Kicking off at 3pm, the Hammerheads met the Red Bulls II with offensive force. Within the first 10 minutes, the Port City team had 3, close, shots on goal.

Leadership pair for the Hammerheads has been midfielders #8 Mael Corboz and #6 Liam Miller. Corboz holds the most assists and minutes played, but Miller brings impressive professional history. The combination of Corboz's young energy and Miller's experience makes them a dangerous pair in the center of the field.

Corboz grew with the MLS academy, graduating and playing for the University of Maryland, and was part of the Red Bulls developmental league. Unfortunately with an already strong standing midfield, Corboz was released where the Hammerheads didn't hesitate to pick him up in March of 2016.

The Hammerheads started the first half with a lot of energy, but the Red Bulls II caught up in the 19thminute when #21 Brandon Allen took a touch past GK John Smits and scored on an open net, marking the first goal of the match. Both teams pushed their defensive lines high after the Red Bulls II goal, making opportunities to score more challenging for the remainder of the first half.

Although the Red Bulls II sit in second place, both teams started the second half with equal scoring opportunities and liveliness. The Hammerheads missed an opportunity with a cross from #7 Austin Martz to #22 Kyle Parker with a flick to #18 Stefan Defregger and Defregger overshot the goal.

Regardless of the Hammerheads holding defense, #33 Aaron Long scored the Red Bulls II second goal off of a header in the 76th minute from a free kick taken by Florian Valot. Five minutes later, the Red Bulls II #39 Timothy Schmoll attempted a third goal in the 81st minute where Smits made an incredibly reactive save pushing the ball past the right post. Shortly after, Hammerheads #13 Mike Soboff took #29 Stefano Bonomo down in the 18 resulting in a penalty kick. Bonomo took the kick to score his second of the season, bringing the Red Bulls II to a 3-0 lead.

With the Red Bulls II on fire, #77 Junior Flemmings came through to score the final goal of the game in the 86th minute from the top of the 18, and the Red Bulls II won 4-0.

The Hammerheads #3 Bruno Perone, lead scorer, had several astonishing saves throughout the game, resulting in him being named as the Hammerheads Man of the Match.

Corboz received a yellow card in the 40th minute, alongside #3 Tom Parratt with two yellow cards.

The Hammerheads will take on Toronto FC II on Saturday, July 2nd at Legion Stadium for Military Night and celebration of the 4th of July. Kick-off is set for 7pm and you can purchase tickets by calling 910.777.2111 or at wilmingtonhammerheads.com