First at Four: 'Chicago P.D.' star shares scoop on season finale

First at Four: 'Chicago P.D.' star shares scoop on season finale

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Tonight, you can expect a dramatic end to the third season of Chicago P.D.

Jason Beghe stars on the show as Sgt. Hank Voight, the leader of the police department's intelligence unit.

Beghe talked to our Ashlea Kosikowski about what to expect in Wednesday's season finale.

"We find a murder victim, brutally murdered in a very graphic way," he said. "My character's son seems to be deeply involved with the woman who was murdered. There doesn't seem to be a logical connection. As I try to find him and what is going on, I discover him in the same condition as we find the original murder victim. But he's clinging to life. It sets off something in my character that is akin to a boiling raging fire."

He said his character is in "hyper drive" in this episode, because the situation is so personal.

Beghe said he loves playing the tough cop on the show.

"Is it fun," he said. "It's fun for me to play this role. I really enjoy playing Hank Voight. He's an interesting guy. When you do a TV series, having a character for nine and a half months of the year and 14 hour days, it's like a friendship. I learn things from him and he from me."

Beghe also talked about the next spinoff of the popular NBC Chicago franchise, Chicago Justice.

Some of the characters on the show were introduced in a recent episode of Chicago P.D.

"If that backdoor pilot script is any indication of the level of excellence that will be in the writing, it is going to be a very successful show," Beghe said. "The characters are great. The actors who play them are great to be around. That's going to be a very good show and I'm excited to be on it."

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