First at Four: State Farm pays out record $118 million for dog-related injury claims

First at Four: State Farm pays out record $118 million for dog-related injury claims

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - You would never expect your dog to bite someone but it happens.

State Farm paid out a record $118 million for dog-related injury claims last year.

Rob Cutting from State Farm Insurance joined us on WECT News First at Four to talk about how to protect yourself and your pup from this scenario.

Cutting said in 2015, State Farm filed 3,100 dog-related injury claims.

Cutting said the number of dog-related injury claims paid by State Farm decreased, but the total amount paid for dog-related injury claims by State Farm increased by about 3 percent.

According to State Farm, more than 6,500 postal carriers were bitten in 2015. To avoid this, before you accept your mail at the door, place your pet in a separate room and close them in there.

Cutting said most dog bites are preventable.

He encourages dog owners to properly train and care for their pets. He also offered this advice:

  • Consult with a professional to select the right dog for your household and neighborhood.
  • Spend time with a dog before buying or adopting it. Be especially cautious if you have children at home.
  • Never leave infants or young children alone with any dog.
  • Socialize your dog so it knows how to act with other animals and people.
  • Discourage children from disturbing a dog that is eating or sleeping.
  • Never approach a strange dog and always avoid eye contact with a dog that appears threatening.
  • Immediately seek professional help if your dog shows aggressive or undesirable behaviors.

Find more tips here.

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