Wilmington and the NFL free agency

Wilmington and the NFL free agency

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Wilmington attorney Gary Shipman has over three decades of legal experience, but recently he's ventured into a new career along with that - sports agency.

This past month, Shipman helped guide three players to free agent contracts and mini camp deals, giving them an opportunity to prove themselves on the next level.

"I've said for years that I'd rather a player be a free agent on a team that is a good fit than be drafted by a team that is a bad fit," Shipman noted when explaining his draft philosophy.

Shipman began representing players four years ago, typically advising athletes from UNC and NC State.

"It was just something that I felt that I could do. I could leave a footprint in places other than where I had already left footprints," added Shipman.

This season Shipman represented Alex Barr from NC State, and three Tar Heels, Schoettmer, Shakeel Rashad, and Romar Morris. Schoettmer was offered a contract by the New Orleans Saints, Rashad from the Houston Texans, and Morris will attend a number of mini camps.

"What you're trying to do is be realistic," said Shipman. "We tell our kids, we give you effort, we can't promise you result. They will have far more to do with whether they get a job then we will...If you go prove yourself, you'll give yourself a shot to play at the next level, whether it's the AFL, or CFL. That's one thing we tell them, don't worry about them finding you, they'll find you."

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