First at Four: 'Chicago Fire' stars talk about season finale, show's success

First at Four: 'Chicago Fire' stars talk about season finale, show's success

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - No spoilers.

The stars of Chicago Fire couldn't say much about Tuesday's season finale of the hit NBC show.

"We have very little we can share because NBC is watching us and watching everything we say," joked David Eigenberg, during a satellite interview with our Ashlea Kosikowski.

Eigenberg plays Christopher Herrmann, a seasoned firefighter on the show.

Joe Minoso though did reveal a little bit about one of the storylines in the final show of the season, when it comes to Dawson and Louie.

"We're going to find out if Dawson can foster this kid and bring him into the fold of the 51 family," Minoso, who plays Joe Cruz, said.

Both Eigenberg and Minoso talked about what makes the show a success.

"I honestly think it's because we like each other as much as we do," Minoso said. "I think that translates a lot to what you see on film.  I think as a drama, we're also one of the few shows that has the opportunity to be funny from time to time so I think you get a little bit of everything with Chicago Fire."

"It's also we have the privilege of portraying the real heroes and first responders in America and every community has them," Eigenberg said. "They're amazing human beings, the men and women, and most everybody fortunately or sometimes unfortunately have had to have contact with them and they're amazing human beings."

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