60 local workers laid off amid police presence at local plant.

60 local workers laid off amid police presence at local plant.


When police show up to your workplace, it’s usually not a good sign.  When you through in, Friday, the 13th, hearts tend to beat faster, wondering what’s up.
For 60 workers at Vertex Railcars, the news, today, was they were being laid off.
“When we saw the police, we knew something was wrong” says welder Blake Tienmeier. “The next thing you know they won’t let us leave the building until we see HR and sign the paperwork.”

“Some of these may be former employees may be called back” says Foster Sayers, Vertex General Counsel. “It all depend on the skill set required for the new types of cars we’ll be building.
In a written statement: Vertex management said there had been a shift in the marketplace.
“The first cars Vertex produced were covered hoppers used to transport frac sand.  Due to depressed oil prices, new drilling activity is being delayed across the US, thus reducing the need for frac sand and the demand for sand hoppers to transport it.”

The company plans resume hiring employees in roughly 12 weeks. That’s a long time, for some employees to wait, and hope they’re rehired.

“I kind of feel doubly betrayed. I came here from the film industry.  I did special effects and set construction and that's been demolished from Pat McCrory letting the tax incentives expire” says welder Mike Furimsky.”  so I got this job and thought it would be a steady career, until it just got smashed.”