6-year-old donates birthday presents to local humane society

6-year-old donates birthday presents to local humane society

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - What do you want for your birthday?

While most of us would probably say cake, ice cream and presents, one 6-year old said he didn't want any presents. Instead, Ian Klein wanted his friends to bring something to his birthday party that could be donated to the Pender County Humane Society.

About 30 kids came to his birthday party, bringing dog food, kitty litter, toys and treats.

"It was overwhelming," said Ian's mother, Jennifer Klein, with a smile. "In fact the little box we brought, which I thought was a big box, was almost immediate over filled. It was just really neat to see that, and he (Ian) was super excited about it. When we loaded it all in the vehicle it took up half of the back of the vehicle, so he just couldn't believe how much generosity there was among the families that came."

"I think someone should come and get them and adopt them so they don't have to be here this long," Ian said about his furry friends.

He adopted his cat Maximums from the human society about two years ago. Ian can relate to his fuzzy friends in foster homes, because he was one like them.

"Ian was also an adoptee, he is from Russia, so he often thinks of the children that were there at the orphanage when he was adopted," his mother said. "That sort of bleeds over into the animals in the shelter and he sort of used this as an orphanage too."

"I already have enough presents in the house," Ian explained when asked what sparked the idea to ask for donations instead of presents.

While Ian's seventh birthday is still over 350 days away, he already knows what he is going to ask for.

"What about your next birthday, do you think you are going to keep it going?" asked reporter, Stacey Pinno.

"Yes," smiled Ian.

"Why do you want to keep it going?" Pinno asked.

"Because I like to do it," Ian smiled.

Ian's mother said all the donations he received or his birthday totaled close to $500.

The Pender County Humane Society is a non-profit organization and runs off of donations.

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