Dockside Marina still looking to expand

Dockside Marina still looking to expand

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - The missions for residents on Airlie Road has been,"Save Airlie Road" for quite some time. Now, efforts to do that are finally coming about.

The owners of Dockside Restaurant want to build two patio homes, and expand a parking lot along the scenic road.

Despite some changes to their zoning request, residents refuse to get on board with the idea.

The city received plans in March, and according to nearby neighbors, those plans have been tweaked to help accommodate some of the concerns in the area.

Residents are concerned that allowing this kind of construction will help pave way for other construction that would ultimately ruin the road that sits just feet away from the waterway.

One neighbor says he is tired of fighting this, and wants it resolved.

"I'd like to spend my time doing something productive for the City of Wilmington rather than to fend off this zoning request," said resident Kevin Parker, "I'd like to work together with people to get a problem solved."

According to a Facebook post, the owners of Dockside held a meeting earlier this week to speak with neighbors. Another community meeting will be set for Saturday.

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