Queen tours Wilmington

Fifth graders jam on their instruments. Kindergarteners sing a tune ... Putting on a show in honor of her majesty.

... Nats


queen kelly packard wipes away a tear.

She visits just one school ... Wrightsville beach elementary....the kids know this is a special visit.

(sot anneliese waters, 56:06)

i thought it was cool that she came here and everything. And i think it's cool she supported our school.


after the show, we climb into the limo with the queen ... She tells us just how much their performance meant.

(sot with kelly 32:24)

i would almost move down here to the south just simply because the children down here are so well behaved. They have manners. That doesn't really happen in other parts of the country. They are so sweet. The whole thing is heartwarming.

(standup 22:04)

the limo brings us here to the senior center where queen kelly is in for quite a treat.

(....nats 44:00)



cheering, (..nats 47:18) dancing, (.. Nats 51:12) and of course singing... Seniors put on a show for the azalea queen...an azalea tradition ...


(sot kelly 21:18)

it was awesome, just awesome. I can only hope i have that energy when i am that age.


the limo whisks her away ... But she says she is taking today's memories with her.