Guest Your turn: Thoughts on political corruption

Guest Your turn: Thoughts on political corruption

By: Hank Montgomery

I am not "privileged" and I'm certainly not rich.  Who am I?  I am a White, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant individual who would dare to speak to all people who care about our common future!

I'm politically independent, and do not identify with any political party.

Please let me be clear:  terrorists, Islamic or otherwise, who seek to brutally subjugate or to kill for any ideology, must be fought and defeated.  But insidious political corruption is to be more feared, and excised, either by way of the ballot box or by taking to the streets in protest.  Doing whatever is needed is the common responsibility of Nixon's Silent Majority (me and thee?).

> One might ask, "What do you mean by 'corruption'?"

In my view, to be corrupt is to have traded one's priceless integrity, and one's personal honor, for money or other benefit(s).  "Corruption" simply indicates there are pools of corrupted people.

> Okay then, "Just who is corrupted?"

Career politicians who dance in response to puppet-strings made of money clearly fit my definition; as do those secretive individuals or groups who control the puppet-strings in return for benefits – benefits such as power over politicians to gain some benefit-of-the-moment – such as specialized tax rules or favorable contracts (et cetera … a very, very long list).

Taken together, I and others call those who direct this "smoke and mirrors" dance (and the dancers), The Establishment.  Make no mistake, each political party has its Establishment…

> "'The Establishment' does not exist!"

Let's not argue … by whatever name, the end result remains the same…

Want an example?  For all Americans (though not all recognize this) the right to vote is precious because it was bought for each of us with the blood and grit of Patriots young, old, and dead.

And look!  New voters are flocking to the polls.  Why might this be?  Is the ugly, raw sewage of corruption now spilling into the streets for all to smell?  Are "ordinary folk" seeking a way to rid our body politic of the foul, rotten stench wafting out of Washington DC's beltway?  And what happens to our children and their children if our ballot box fails to end the corruption?

Three "outside" candidates are ringing alarm bells in both political parties!  As a result someone in each major party is now actively manipulating our 2016 Primary Election process.  Further, if the voter's ultimate choice is not acceptable to The Establishment; both political parties likely have plans to nominate Establishment candidates – someone who can be "controlled."

Let me be clear:  our Primary Election process is indeed legally but immorally "rigged".  Our founders set up this nation as a republic, not as a democracy.  They were rightfully afraid of "mob rule" – but surely did not intend to foster the "Establishment rule" we are now seeing.

> "Legal but Immoral, you say?"

Nominees for office are chosen by the respective political party – end of discussion.

Again, look at the end result.  Elected "leaders" immorally line their own pockets rather than serve the interests of those who elected them, Citizens of the United States of America.  While "The Band Plays On" corrupt politicians give only "lip service" to solutions for multiple, highly dangerous issues.  We are running out of time to effectively address and solve any such issue!

Beginning in 2016, we need Statesmen, (wise men and women of integrity and honor) in all federal, state, and local elected offices AND throughout the Executive Branch of government(s)!

Watch the Frog in a Pot video now running on YouTube.

While we have been busy running our individual lives, Establishment Rule corruption has been slowly growing.  Have you heard the phrase "unholy alliance" spoken by a media news reader or commentator?  I have, but simply forged on with my life.  Meeting my life's goals and dealing with surrounding daily issues were all that mattered.

The term unholy alliance has a long modern history.  When used in today's media to describe the relationship between lobbyists, et al, and politicians, Unholy Alliance is code-speak for one form of Establishment Rule. Such interactions tend to be prima fascia evidence of corruption.

Have you heard the phrase "super PAC" spoken on mass media?  I have….  These "super" Political Action Committees were allowed by a U.S. Court of Appeals decision in 2010.  Once again small "life issues" had my attention … but, in my opinion, this 2010 decision gave the already corrupted Establishment of each political party carte blanche over our election process.

"Houston, we have a problem here." Jack Swigert, Apollo 13 moon mission, 1970

If those who pull the puppet-strings would rather lose THIS critical election rather than give up power; if The Establishments have grown so bold as to totally ignore the clear will of their bosses, their voters – then, my brothers and sisters, are we not already in very hot water?

> "What can we do?"

That is a subject for much discussion, but not in this venue…

Meanwhile please:

Don't just look … SEE;

Don't just listen … HEAR;

And above all, vote … intelligently!