Students honor classmate with leukemia during walk

Students honor classmate with leukemia during walk

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Some students ran while others walked but they all had the same thing in mind - honoring a classmate.

College Park Elementary School teachers and students took turns hitting the gravel track on the campus' playground for a Relay For Life event. They were walking in honor of Sean O'Leary, a fifth grader at the school who was diagnosed with leukemia in January.

"We want to make sure he knows we're thinking of him and he's still part of our class," O'Leary's teacher Allison Munford said. "They were upset when they heard so they are really happy to support him and honor him."

Physical education teacher Doug Smith had walked for more than two hours Wednesday morning and was planning to walk for at least another two hours in the afternoon.

"He's a great kid," Smith said about O'Leary. "It's horrible when it happens to anyone but he is such a great kid."

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