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5 Things To Know Before You Go Wedding Dress Shopping

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It's obvious that you want to choose the dress carefully but one of the most important choices you'll make happens before you even step foot in a dress shop: Picking your shopping companions! You know the people in your group of friends or in your family who you love but have a completely different opinion about everything? Of course you do! Do not bring those people with you! You want to choose a couple of your closest friends or family members who will be honest with you but also not pressure you into getting something you don't want or into not getting something you love! 


You can look online beforehand and get a feel for what price range dresses you like are in. Just don't forget that the dress is just the centerpiece for your budget. Your outfit will likely include a veil or headpiece, you may want special shape wear or undergarments, you want to rock an amazing pair of shoes, and don't forget those pre-wedding yoga classes might mean you need to take an inch or two off the waist of your gown. Alterations that are done the right way can add up! There's no point having the perfect dress if it's hanging off you, way too long, or otherwise ill-fitting. Take all of this into account before going!


You will have a much better shopping experience if you come in with some magazine cutouts, your Pinterest board of dresses pulled up on your iPad, or a screen shot from your favorite celeb's leaked wedding pics. Those will help your salesperson get a feel for what you like. It will also give you a starting point for your appointment. The best thing to do is to use these photos as inspiration only. If you come in with your heart set on one dress you may be disappointed if it doesn't fit the way you imagined or it's not available at any dress shops within driving distance. Keep an open mind! Your consultant sees women trying on wedding dresses all day long. She can guide you into a flattering cut or a unique color. She wants you to leave happy! 


This is a day that you should be the center of attention! An appointment will ensure that you have a consultant all to yourself. If the dress shop can plan for your visit in advance they may be able to order samples in your size for you to try on or borrow a special color gown from a designer. Let them know what you're looking for and they'll be able to help make sure that your shopping experience is perfect! Make sure you go shopping as soon as you can after getting engaged. It can takes more than 6 months for some dresses to come in from the designer because they are handmade pieces. Plus alterations can take a lot of time! You'll want to make sure you have plenty of time for your dress to come in and be altered to fit you like a glove. That will eliminate stressing out and the extra costs of rush orders. This also means that you will have more options. Some designers are unable to accommodate orders that don't allow enough time. 


If you've never been wedding dress shopping before you may not realize how draining it can be. These gowns are heavy! Getting into them is a challenge and getting out of them can be just as hard. Wedding dress shopping can also be a really emotional time. Your mom might be teary-eyed, you may be missing a lost loved one or close friend who can't make it into town, or you might just be nervous about finding the right dress! All of this can make you exhausted so plan to fuel up beforehand. Before you go and while you're shopping drink water! You may be tempted to celebrate while you're shopping with champagne if the store offers it but that's best saved for after you've picked the right dress. Make sure to eat a meal before you go. A solid, filling breakfast or lunch is not going to change how you look in a dress and you'll be a lot less tired and cranky if you're not hungry. Make plans to unwind afterward too! Maybe you want to go out with your girls, grab a glass of wine with your mom, or just curl up on the couch with your fiance and some Chinese takeout. Whatever works for you to relax is a good idea to have lined up after dress shopping. 

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