Hammerheads and Kickers play to scoreless draw

Hammerheads and Kickers play to scoreless draw

Wilmington, NC – The Wilmington Hammerheads ended their second game of the season in a tie against the Richmond Kickers at Legion Stadium on Friday, April 1st. 

With the weather holding off in the Port City, the Hammerheads had a large turnout of supportive fans despite the on and off rain throughout the day. The Hammerheads started the first half dominating Richmond, playing a strong offensive game. With the influence of number 11, and Man of the Match, Qudus Lawal, the ball maintained authority in the Kicker's defensive end, with the support of number 19, Jeff Michaud. 

Although this particular set of soccer stars are new to the Hammerhead community, communication is one of their strongest attributes as Canadian Goalie, John Smits, maintained a strong defensive line. 

During the 20th minute, Michaud lead the Hammerhead's strong midfielder, Logan Miller, to a close header skimming the crossbar. With the Hammerheads close call, came the Kickers. Just after Miller's close header, Richmond's offensive line filled the gaps in the Hammerhead's defense taking a too close for comfort shot in the eighteen-yard box missing the left goal post by inches. 

In the 28th minute, Hammerhead's defender Bruno Perone received a yellow card for a contact foul against Richmond. Even with challenging calls, the Hammerheads all-star number six Liam Miller placed a beautiful ball for number 10 Justin Moose, who barely missed the ball by a toe, deep in Richmond's defensive end. 

The Hammerhead's continued to dominate the first half, but with Richmond's strong defensive line, the first half ended scoreless.
Richmond bounced back from an underwhelming first half dominating the ball, but key players such as Perone pushed the offensive line. Between the guidance of Perone and influence of Michaud, the Hammerheads caught their bearings, and once again began to dominate the game.  Late in the 53rd minute, Moose had a breakaway with support from Logan Miller.

Late in the 69th minute, Hammerheads number two, Tom Parratt, received a yellow card; which lead Richmond into a close battle between Smits and number four Michael Meecham. Tough calls against the Hammerheads prevailed when Richmond's number 5 Michael Callahan and number two William Yomby were given yellow cards within four minutes of one another in the 81st and 85th minutes. 

As the game grew with aggression and close calls, fans roared with anticipation as both teams played a dominant and driven game. Despite these efforts, the game ended 0-0.