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Ben & Jerry's: New NC law tramples on LGBT rights

Jerry Greenfield speaks to UNCW. (Source: WECT) Jerry Greenfield speaks to UNCW. (Source: WECT)

Ben & Jerry’s is taking a stand against North Carolina’s new law.

The ice cream company took to their website to respond to HB2, writing: “The North Carolina legislation goes farther than any other in the country to trample on LGBT rights.”

While he no longer runs the day-to-day operations, co-founder Jerry Greenfield said he agrees with the company’s response.

"The company thinks it is terrible, Ben and Jerry's has always stood for civil and human rights. Ben and Jerry's has been very active in marriage equality and this is just so discriminatory, it is not inclusive at all, and I think it just sends a terrible message," Greenfield said.

“I hope North Carolina will reconsider what they are doing because I don't think it is sending out a very positive message about the state,” Greenfield added.

Greenfield visited Wilmington on Wednesday to speak to UNCW students about business. He said it is important for businesses to be involved with social issues, especially when they involve equality.

“I think business is about more than just making money,” Greenfield said. “I think business is about being involved in the community. Business is a respected entity in the community and I think business needs to use its voice and its power to talk about fairness and equality.”

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