Wilmington lawmakers among those requesting special session on "bathroom" ordinance

Wilmington lawmakers among those requesting special session on "bathroom" ordinance

RALEIGH, NC (WECT) - Republicans in the Wilmington-area delegation of the state House are among 72 members requesting a special session on Charlotte's non-discrimination ordinance.

Part of the ordinance allows transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice, which opponents say creates a public safety issue.

In a document posted on the General Assembly website, the House Principal Clerk's Office says it received notifications from Rep. Rick Catlin (R-New Hanover), Rep. Ted Davis (R-New Hanover), Rep. Chris Millis (R-Pender) and Rep. Frank Iler (R-Brunswick) requesting a special session on March 23. Democratic legislators Rep. Susi Hamilson (D-New Hanover), Rep. William Brisson (D-Bladen) and Rep. Ken Waddell (D-Columbus) did not make a request.

To see the document indicating the lawmakers' requests click here: http://bit.ly/1pxWEFc

The website has not posted a similar document reflecting requests made by members of the state Senate.

In a Proclamation convening the special session, House and Senate leaders say lawmakers "will consider bills concerning the organization or operation of the extra session and bills to provide for single sex multiple occupancy bathroom and changing facilities and to create statewide consistency in regulation of employment and public accommodations".

The special session begins Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. in Raleigh.

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