Plaintiff's attorneys submit filing over redistricting maps

Plaintiff's attorneys submit filing over redistricting maps

RALEIGH, NC (WECT) - The Plaintiffs suing the state of North Carolina over congressional district lines want a federal court panel to throw out recently submitted new maps, and re-draw the lines before any new elections take place.

In a filing to the United States District Court, attorneys for David Harris and Christine Bowser claim the new maps adopted in February by the General Assembly still constitute a gerrymander of the congressional districts.

The federal panel mandated lawmakers re-draw the lines in February, after finding the First and Twelfth Congressional Districts were unconstitutional based on racial gerrymandering.

Republican lawmakers said during a special session on redistricting that race was not used as a factor in redrawing the maps. Opponents say that omission does not cure the original problem.

GOP leaders contend the maps are more compact and split far fewer counties than the previous district lines. In the filing, attorneys for the plaintiffs say they are not asking the court to choose between the previous and current plans, but to recognize the problems with the new maps and take the step to re-draw the maps themselves.

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